Being equipped for preparedness and survival means so much more than having material things stored for emergencies. For instance, you can be equipped with knowledge. You can be equipped with skills. You can be equipped by your association with like-minded people.

For most everyone who currently identifies themselves as a Prepper/Survivalist, they all started somewhere. Educating an equipping yourselves with knowledge was more than likely the starting point of your journey.

EquipThen probably came some equipping of material items, food, batteries, flashlights, backpacks, water filters/containers, and so forth. Logically speaking, the basic order and progression of the prepper will lead to storage of things after educating yourselves on why you need to prepare, what you need to prepare for, then what things do I need to have to help me be prepared.

Total Preparedness Solutions understands this logical sequence and is here to help you along each step of your preparedness journey.

Not only will we be able to equip you with knowledge, skills training, gear and supplies to help round out your preparedness needs, but we will be able to equip you with the ability to help others to become totally prepared as well…and possibly earn some extra cash for your preps.

We look forward to becoming your “one-stop-shop” solution for helping you to become TOTALLY PREPARED.

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