As advocates for preparedness, we feel it is vitally important for preppers to be engaged with one another and with those who are not prepared.

engage2By staying engaged with others, we learn, we interact, we bounce ideas off each other. This is vital that we have this kind of engagement in our lives if we are to grow in knowledge and support.
Even with the very best classes or lectures available, we must still have contact and dialogue with others who our interests in order to grow.

TPS provides several avenues in which we can stay engaged with each other. You can follow our TPS Facebook page, join our Facebook group Prepping for Beginners.

We have also been selected to become the first and only FB prepper group to use their new subscription feature. This subscription group offers focused monthly content, exclusive videos and Q&A, discount codes for selected merchandise to our subscription members, plus much more.

We will be sponsoring and coordinating survival camps throughout the US, lectures, webinars, meet-n-greets. All designed to keep you engaged with likeminded individuals.

Not only is it important to communicate and engage with other Preppers in order to learn and stay encouraged, it is equally important for us to stay engaged with the non-prepared. We earnestly believe that by recruiting and educating the non-prepared, we benefit ourselves as well. We are able to build a community of folks who can take care of their own needs, rather than coming after yours. We establish micro-communities able to help one another, an asset we may need to draw upon when crisis strikes.






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