educate1TPS is proud to be able to offer several different ways to become Totally Prepared. One of the most important areas in preparedness is education.

Being educated in preparedness and survival is the first and foremost important aspects to being prepared that every one of us needs to grasp as dearly as life itself. Without this education and knowledge, our efforts are futile.

We at TPS feel that one of the most important aspects of being prepared is to be Educated in several areas that may affect your ability to survive a disastrous event.

The articles we present on this website are thoughtfully written or chosen to help educate and to logically prepare you in your preparedness journey.

Educating yourself, is more than just reading a few articles or books however, it also should involve discussions with other like-minded people, learning and practicing new skills, familiarizing yourself with other trades or crafts. Or you can also take an online class designed by us HERE! (coming soon)

We firmly believe, that to be educated in the ways of preparedness and survival, one must first ask themselves a few questions; What is the best type of learning environment for me? Does the material come from an experienced, knowledgeable source? Will this knowledge be useful to my preparedness efforts and future survival?

We do our very best, to provide you with options that fit into your learning requirements, and hope you will take advantage of the resources available to you here, that are specifically designed to help you become TOTALLY PREPARED.

Throughout these pages, you will find educational material such as our Self-Paced Online Academy, Books and other materials, access to live Q&A sessions, videos, webinars, and an offer to join our VIP subscription community filled with EXCLUSIVE content. With all these resources available to you, we are sure you will find a perfect fit for your needs.

You can have all the gear and gadgets ever invented, a pantry stocked with several years worth of food, and an armory that would make any military envious, but without the knowledge of why you have it, why you do it, and what to do with it, your chances of survival are slim. Education and practice are indeed skill and survival building tools, and each one of us should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of the basics.

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