Compensation Disclosure

The owner of this website, (owner), would like to inform you that there is a material connection between the owners, manufacturers, and or distributors of certain products that you may read about on


This could, but does not necessarily mean, that some opinions expressed about such

products may be either fully or partially influenced by the fact that the owner of this

website either has been or may be compensated in some way. This compensation

could be in many forms. Some possible examples of such compensation, includes but

is not limited to money and/or free sample products.


The owner of this website is a member of several advertising and affiliate programs.

This means that you will find advertisements and/or affiliate links on this site that result

in the owner of this site being paid either an advertising fee when users click on a link

or a commission for sales of products that are mentioned or advertised on this site. In

other cases, the owner may receive compensation (financial or other forms) simply

for advertising various products or services on this website.


The owner of is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


The owner of this site does not always test the products, or services mentioned or

advertised on this website. In some cases, basic research is done so that the owner

can write an article about a particular product. In MOST cases the products are

actually tested by the owner.


Any and all viewpoints or opinions that you may read about on this website regarding

various products and/or services are my own and they are not necessarily shared

with the owners, manufacturers, or distributors of said product or services.


If you purchase a product or service mentioned or advertised here, you are

purchasing it from the company that sells the product and not from this website.

The owner of this website makes no guarantees about any products or services

mentioned on the site.


Because you are not buying these products or services from the owner of this website, no refunds are offered by the owner of If you need a refund or customer support, please contact the actual company that sold you the product or service.


This Compensation Disclosure may be updated or modified at any time without

notice. As a user of this site, it’s your responsibility to review this page each time

you visit this site to check for any changes that may have been made to it.

Last Updated: December 26, 2018

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